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Honesty comes for a price

Honesty comes for a price
And then suddenly he shouted " that's enough ! If you think so, you may leave the house"
She appeared shocked. She took some time to regain her composure. She politely asked "what exactly has disturbed you?"
" Nothing" he fumed.
"I am sure, something that I said must have ! Please tell me, did I say something the way you have not taught me"
" ....... "
" Tell me please, you have always encouraged me to be open and honest and frank. And now you are not frank."
"it's OK"
" Please, please tell me ... " she said with tears in her eyes. She realized, she has hurt him. " You love me naa? Tell me, what has hurt you, I will not say that again.. "
" .... You know .. I just realized, it is easy to expect honest views from your dependents. But when they are honest, it hits hard, real hard"
She hugged him. Sobbing she said " I will not hurt you any more, I love you"
" No, be courageous to be honest with your feelings. Express them. That will help me to be brave" he said patting her head.
She looked at him. He was not sure if she trusted him, nor was she !!
Both realised one thing for sure. Honesty comes for a price !!

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